Saturday, July 28, 2012

5 behind bars after caught red handed with stolen meat.

5 suspects among them a woman were arrested late this week by the Namibian Police's Stock Theft Unit after found in possession of a gemsbok ( oryx ) carcass. The police acted after received some information and a tip off from members of the public. This again is clear proof that the publics involvement is essential in fighting crime in Namibia. Many farmers and game reserves loose millions of dollars annually at the hands of poachers who kill indiscriminately. The Stock Theft unit and anti poaching unit indicated they will leave no stone unturned to ensure who ever is behind this meat syndicates will be tracked and hunted like they hunt animals.

some of the meat already processed when police
bust the syndicate in their house in Katutura 

the vehicle used in transporting the meat from an
unknown place.

cuffed,,,hopefully the court will
deny them bail,,and remove them from society
and from the very same nature thy destroy

two of the three dogs used in hunting the
oryx tied to a piece of old furniture without any
water or food. The poachers should be tied to a tree without
any food or water.

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